NAIL POLISH REVIEW: Sally Hansen® Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Nail Color

IMG_6691.JPG Hola Gorgeous People xx today’s post is a review of six colours from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear nail color.

(its a long post but worth it if you need info on this)
This brand as I’ve known so far doesn’t chip easily and dries quickly plus i loveee the brush and the way it applies the paint (it like stores the paint in the bristles and when you’ve coated a finger you don’t need to dip back in the bottle, more paint just slides down to the tip of the bristle) and its also very light and watery which is a plus for me, i hate those thick ones (they actually are either too hard and difficult to take off or chip after one day) like one i previously used for a while, i literally had to repaint every two days as it kept on chipping… They stay longer on acrylic though and I love acrylic nails but cant just use them anymore, once i go to the lounge to get my nails done, i end up dissolving them the next day or day after.
I use my hands a lot for either cooking, cleaning, washing something or baking something, so throughout the day my hands get in contact with lots of water (primary cause of chipping) and food etc and having on acrylic nailss naahh if you know what i mean you will understand besides its not even hygienic.
The shades im reviewing today are lacey lilac, coin flip, breezy blue, sea-ly string, deep purple and flirt. Cant remember how much i got them but i checked online and saw different prices but i guess they are sold about $3-$5, N480-N800 each (using 160 as ER) its a good product for that price.
Its a lovely lilac colour and i recommend double coating (as done in the picture)





IMG_6721.JPG COIN FLIP lovely bronze/gold shade, dries fast and stays longer, it also gives a nude nail effect and i recommend 3 coats (as done in the picture)


IMG_6836.JPG its a metallic and metallics are better when coated well.




IMG_6734.JPG BREEZY BLUE a cute sea blue shade mild and bright and washes off in bright light (from a distance could pass off as white)





IMG_6820.JPG SEA-LY STRING It is a transparent blue with dots and strands of blue, silver and black glitter. This one is a bit tricky an you have to be patient in applying it if you want maximum results, there is no double coating or so, what just happens here is try to gather as much glitter as possible in a drop and gently spread then wait till it dries (its will take a while to dry completely) it is good for nail art or final coat on a neon blue.




IMG_6823.JPG DEEP PURPLE purple with blue undertone, its a nice shade but not my best purple (its actually more purple than it appears, the camera washed its pigmentation)




IMG_6826.JPG FLIRT Now this one, i loveeeee. Its a Red Black kind of wine shade and dries super fast and lasts longer too. (Double coat)






IMG_6841.JPG MY FAVSSS Flirt and Coin flip


IMG_6881.JPG For those who want size specifications, its in a 0.40 FL OZ | 11.8ml bottle and this is how it looks next to this lipstick (was looking for what to compare, i guess everyone has one of these so you can pick up to relate)

IMG_6875.JPG Size, Texture, Material and Stuff has always been a point of disappointment for those who order online, it might look big here and on the website but when its delivered you end up disappointed maybe its too small, or is plastic that looked like metal, or its nylon that looked like silk or cotton etc… Its a little bit smaller than the regular nail polish size.
1) Before applying a second coat, make sure the first has completely dried so the second coat will dry faster.
2) Moisturise your fingers a bit before applying nail polish.
3) Light nail colours flatter light complexion, dark bold nail colours flatter medium complexion, while Nudes and browns flatter extremely dark (mahogany downward).
4) Metallics flatter every skin tone especially metallics close to your skin shade (if you are really dark)

More tips and tricks coming up soon alongside easy DIY NOTD (Nail Of The Day) posts so stay tuned (follow/subscribe below or by the left side bar) and thank you all for viewing and your amaZing support xx. If you have any Sally Hansen polish or have tried any other good brand please feel free to leave a comment on the details thank you xxx


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