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NOTD: polka series #1 (purple)

Heyyyy guyssss

IMG_7395.JPG Firstly i want to thank every one of you for the positive spirit you all have shown me,
the constant visits, views etc for those sending mails and my amazing friends who have helped repost and linked i really really appreciate it and its been great so far, you all are amazingg xx

The Nail of today is a lilac base with purple polka dots. I used the colours i recently reviewed and ill be making use of them for a while to give you ideas one can come up to make the best use of the six of them. I made use of the shade lacey lilac and deep purple. Nail colour review here

IMG_7394.JPG I was inspired by a skirt in my wardrobe which is white and black polka dot and i just thought of doing it on my nails ( it also inspired me to make other polka series to show how one can incorporate polka dots on your nails and different shades that standout together) stay tuned xx

Double coat the base colour Lacey lilac
When it dries take a dropper or a bobby pin making use of the round edge tip of the pin (picture below), place a drop of the deep purple on a flat dry surface and dip the round end of the pin inside the drop of purple then dot your nails and repeat according to how and where you want it to be but to come out with a nice result go in a pattern like this


IMG_7590.JPG example

IMG_7592.JPG Be inspired and do it yourself. Have a lovely day and dont forget to follow for more things coming up.
For new viewers who don’t really know about this blog or what i intend doing, checkout my ABOUT PAGE for a more detailed insight on my objectives and focus as a blogger!

Thank you all for viewing…xx

                                           -Lizzy xo

“Let all your things be done with charity” 1cor.16:14


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