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STEP BY STEP PICTORIAL: quick and easy look

Hola sweethearts
This is the first post on my step by step pictorial ( i will be doing more looks later) , its a quick, easy and basic eyeshadow wear that works well with bold bright, dark and nude lip.


Image Details
The picture above is divided into four stages consisting of four steps each
top left: startup and prime
top right: base/ main
bottom left: finishing touches
Bottom right: final

Things Needed
Eye primer (i used nyx jumbo pencil in milk)
Fluffy Blending brush + transition colour (my avon face powder served as my transition colour)
Eyeshadow brush
Under brow highlight (eyeshadow palette)
Eye lid colour (bright shade from palette)
Outer corner colour (a darker shade from palette)
Outer corner colour (any matte black shadow) + blending brush (elf)
Eyeliner (i used elf gel liner)
Waterline colour (i used nyx nude beige)
Mascara (avon)

For the lips, i decided to go bold abd i made use of an urban decay pencil in envious, it has been reviewed on this blog (See review HERE)
I did my brows off camera (You can view brow pictorial HERE)
And thats it!

Thanxx for viewing and hope it was helpful (don’t forget to check out other posts on this blog and follow for more coming up including diy nailsss as stated in my previous post) have a blessed week ahead

PS Something Extra Extra^_^ red velvet 4 layers cake with of course… chocolate ganache sides and white & dark chocolate drizzled strawberries made by me MY CAKE PAGE




6 thoughts on “STEP BY STEP PICTORIAL: quick and easy look

  1. You this girl, you are really blessed and talented, you can do a bunch of stuff, anything u want to do you canndo i want to be like you one day. You know who this is. Blessings dear


  2. am new here and I can say am impressed; in fact am impressed. u are doing a good job.keep it up. does one really need blending brush forbd eye shadow to b on fleek.what oda blending brush is for makeup and its use.CU’s I av foundation, powder and eye shadow brush,


    1. Thank you dear, 😘😘💖💕😘.

      Well yes you need the blending brush, it is very essential to blend away any harsh lines. You will need contour brush and highlighting or fan brush, blush brush, setting brush or sponge thats for face and for eye, eyeliner brush depending on the liner you use(if it requires it) and eyeshadow blending brush& crease brush, pencil brush those are the important ones i can remember now


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