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Home made 100% fruit juice (rich in VitaminC)

IMG_6297.JPG hello sweethearts today’s post is on FRUIT JUICE!!!
Im not a healthy freak kinda person but when it comes to my choice of drink,
i love me some natural 100% fruit juice.
This particular one is rich in vitaminC and has an amazing concentrated taste that i personally love, i just had to remake it and share.
To make my fruit juice i use kenwood major and for this particular one i made use of the centrifugal juicer ( you can purchase HERE) and the citrus juicer attachments ( you can purchase HERE)


IMG_6484-1.JPG And of ofcourse you cant make use of these without the major ( i make use if the major titanium) it is bought separately and you can purchase HERE (amazon) or HERE (konga)

IMG_6289.JPG i must say this is a very amazing essential kitchen equipment it makes my baking easy.

To start up, i used
Pineapple (my favvv)




IMG_6285.JPG suggestion: You can add a little kiwi

I juiced the orange and lemon with the citrus juicer attachment that was placed on top of the major (see leaflet for assembling instructions)


IMG_6480.JPG then i diced the remaining fruits and used the centrifugal juicer attachment to extract and separate the juice from the shaft

And there you go….

IMG_6486.JPG refrigerate and serve chilled ^___^ you can also drink to refresh yourself during the day or right before bed.
Tip: For party serving, get together serving or just your personal twist you can place kiwi, olives, grapes, cucumber, orange, blueberry, strawberry etc (fruit of your choice) in an ice tray, pour water and freeze

IMG_3539.PNG and when its time to serve, you pour the lovely ice cubes in the juice or lemonade for a fancy effect an when it dissolves it can be eaten *wink*

In addition heres an amazing healthy meal very rich in antioxidants to help fight free radicals (prevents cancer etc) and fibre for smooth digestion and also is delicious one can have this 3 times a day with a glass of skimmed milk in d morning and the rest of the day glass of water (you will notice the change in the way you feel ^__^) alongside juice and water ( the juice is a lighter juice and less concentrated and more sweet not so sour: basically orange, pineapple, grapes, yellow melon, and watermelon)

IMG_6475-3.PNG shredded cabbage
Diced cucumber
Sweet corn
Sliced banana
Sliced strawberry
(Serve cold) and ENJOY

Thanxx for viewing and hope you all have a lovely refreshing week. Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment… xx (creme of nature hair dye post coming soon)


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