Get your CUrLs on with curling iron

Hola boos❤️
Anyone who knows me will know i love curls soo much both on others and on myself, but it ain’t easy getting those curls you really want {I mostly get straight weaves then curl them up}
Ive tried using straighteners to curl cos i love the way pro stylists do ’em with straighteners but i cant seem to get my hand that way so it always turns out messy, i used flexi rods (bendy rollers)

different sizes for a while {a hell of a while tho} i had fun with it but im over that now {always lazy to set them the night before or so} and for some reason no matter the product used they don’t seem to hold through the day {except i set my rods like 2 days before styling }.
Okay so i moved on to the emergency lazy way of getting my waves {not really curls} which is my hairnet method, i roll my hair behind in one knot, spray it and wear my hairnet, by dawn ill loosen the knot and my weave comes out with chic waves ^_^ {but they don’t last either}, braid-out, twist-out etc none were to my taste.
So i moved to the iron and since then I’ve been quite pleased although they don’t last that long either but i guess thats because i don’t use any product on my weave.
Since I’ve been using the iron ive never had any burning case {lol} and i have two methods i love which produce lovely curls.
NOTE: I did not use any product before curling

This iron was actually gotten from my grandmother, she had a thing for curling irons and this is the only surviving iron of the set of 5 or so and this is in a size before the smallest (pen size) flexi rod { starting from the smallest 1-4 this stands as number 2 ) you can compare with my fingers, but any size will do depending on how loose, big and wavy you want the curls. This iron doesn’t overheat thats why i loveee it, don’t know the brand cant see any name on it but there are other good ones out there. It takes time to go through your hair but its worth it in the end and the bigger the iron the faster it is.

20140803-001622-982840.jpg tight spiral curls
I lovee this one and the trick is how you place the hair round the iron, the picture below shows how i spread the hair. This way as you go around the iron you leave no gap and make sure the hair remains spread and not twisted.


20140803-002056-1256807.jpg loose chic curls
Ps: the George (wrapper) was my grandmother’s ^_^
This one is done by holding the hair together if possible slightly twisting it together just so it will go round the iron as one (directly opposite of the previous method)

20140803-002305-1385645.jpgNOTE: i keep the iron in for nothing less than 30 fast seconds and i get great results.
A before curling picture

After picture


Real bouncy too. Also, i hand-brushed the curls out.
Hope this was helpful, and for those who love CUrLs, ill keep you updated on any new thing. Don’t forget to follow this blog (down below if mobile), (by the left side widget if desktop) have a lovely month xx
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