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PICTORIAL: My eyebrow routine.

Hiya everyone HAPPY NEW MONTH❤️

This post is on my eyebrow routine (might be later updated) but for now this is my eyebrow routine and what i class as close to perfect ( not thick and not bold)

what you will need

– a brow brush / mascara wand (got mine from an old mascara i don’t use anymore)

– an angled brush (any angled brush will do, the name is wiped off so i cant really say which this is)

– a dark brown pencil ( i used AVON glimmersticks liqui-glide eyeliner in brown)

– concealer (your foundation shade or a shade lighter will do)image


start upimage



Trace under browimage

Trace above connecting it at the endimage

Fill the brow with your brown pencilimage

Use an angled brush for the steps belowimage

With a concealer, cleanup the brow by tracing it to form the brow ( never make then too thick)image

Blend the concealer to your skin so you wont have the ‘Halo’ effect or obvious dramatic concealer browsimage

Cleanup the front (beginning) of the brow to form a shade sort of transition to the main browimage

And thats it! You have your nice brow doneimage

imageAs we enter the month of august i hope we all have good brows…

Lipstick– Mac’s Ruby Woo

Lashes– red cherry 747xs

Under eye concealer– maybelline fit me in cafe 30

Blush– House of Tara blush ( blush reviewed on this blog)

Thanx for viewing do make sure you subscribe/ follow this blog for more updates. Feel free to leave a comment/ suggestion or question… Happy New Month!!!



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