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Colourful makeup on dark skin

Hello readers, i know I’ve been away for so long, I apologise for that. Today’s post is a colourful dark skin friendly look (ignore my bonnet) it is basically a picture post to inspire anyone who wants to go all out with the colours. 

The colours i used in total include; 

Brown(to transition)
Magenta (also to transition)
Purple ( crease colour)
Red & Deep Orange ( outter V )
Bright Yellow ( lid colour)
Green glitter ( to line the upper lid)
Gold ( inner tearduct area)

All these colours and even more can be on you its all about where you place each colour. Always remember, the deeper tones stay as outter V colours while the warmer colours are best used to transition and the bright colours go on the lid and inner tearduct area. 

All shadows are from the house of tara magaret ekpo palette which is a dupe of the coastal scents creative palette and sugar pill palette.  

    To prime my eyes i used NYX jumbo pencil in milk so the colours will pop, i used a warm blush by zaron cosmetics and also finished up with a self made finishing spray (ill make a post on how you can make your very own finishing spray at home when you suddenly run outof finishing spray, SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG so you wont miss it) scroll down if its in mobile view mode and look to your right if in desktop view, enter your email address and subscribe.  

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– Liz xx


12 thoughts on “Colourful makeup on dark skin

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙆🏽🙅🏾💁🏽💁🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽 this is it, Ho my God! U re a great woman, it is gorgeous, I have followed u fast, fast no time to waste; to think I ve had this palette for almost a year and couldn’t come up with something this great 😢😪. It is well, but girl this is lovely. Right now I’m going to IG to find u so we can get up close and personal about matters like this ( I mean makeup o, I’m not a creep)
    Disclaimer: I’m usually not this dramatic jus couldn’t help it.


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