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L.O.G Cosmetics Beauty Review.

Hello everyone, im here to write about a beauty line by a Nigerian lady and its called L.O.G Cosmetics, a while back i received some items from l.O.G cosmetics a line that uses all natural ingredients like beeswax as well as essential oils. The product is very WOC (women of colour) friendly and moisturizing. 
Its a new line and i was sent some of their products for free. In this post im going to show you guys what i got and my take on them. 

You can get them from Deevalook Or call ‪+234 813 223 5703‬ to order if you are inNigeria and  ‪+44 7788 244611‬ (Uk). 

I must say i lovee the way the products arrived in a cute white paper bag with white ribbon tied into a bow and a card inside the bag 
 I love the packaging of some of the products more than the rest but they are still making changes to them so there should be a lot of improvements. I would try my best to make an updated post on the changes made in due time.
Here are the products i got 

1. HD powder foundation ‘Nne’
   I love this powder because its oil absorbing and i can use it to set my concealer, i tried mixing it with my ben nye banana powder and it was just perfect like where have u been all my life, so for the ladies of colour like me who want a warmer more HD powder to set and you dont fancy the topaz powder just mix these two, its perfect.

2.  Blusher ‘sweetheart’
  This blusher is a warm orange blush and the package is just brilliant, notice the puff in the picture above? Yes it doesnt come off so you just hold the blush and dab lightly on your cheeks and you can finish up blending with your brush.

3.  Nail polish ‘sassy wahala’ 
This polish is such a vibrant red that really pops, i got compliments about this polish, its so pigmented that even one coat (pictured above) can do. If you are looking for true red, you should get this. This is one of my favourites.

4. Eyeshadow pigments  
 I loveee these pigments especially the black, it has little sparkles in it and thats amazing for smokey eyes. From left to right is; lola, ariella and leke.

Lola is matte black with sparkle bits in it  *it comes off grey in the picture below but trust me its pure black*
 Ariella is a bright yellow gold pigment and leke is a sort of deep pink shimmer, not your everyday pink its sort of dark (it appears orange in the picture above but its a shade of dark pink)

5. Blending sponge  
 This blender is so soft and blends perfectly. It comes wraped in a clear nylon seal and kept inside this small black box. I suggest this to anyone who wants a more pocket friendly version of the beauty blender and real techniques beauty sponge. 

6. Cream contour kit 
   Its a small sized pocket or purse size kit. I love this kit mainly because of the darkest shade, its so creamy, pigmented and a great contour shade for darker complexions, it also comes with a lighter shade, an orange corrector and  a very light beige concealer (this particular  shade is quite thick and little product comes off not as much as expected but i got the information that the formular will be worked on by the company) thats great!

7.  Cream foundation
    *peep the name* ^_^
 Firstly, i love the packaging, so compact! I had a difficult time applying this because im more familiar with liquid foundations and  it might have been the weather but it was quite thick, a bit waxy from the natural ingredients used and not so easy to apply 😦 apart from that nothing else, coverage is on point. A new range of liquid foundations will be out i think that will be better than the cream but for now this is a good choice for when you dont want to do much on your face and it works better when you use a powder puff to apply all over and not with a brush.

8. Matte moisturizing lipsticks 
These lipsticks as i earlier mentioned are made from 100% natural ingredients that wont cause any form of lip or skin irritation  and they are matte but also moisturizing and super super pigmented so a little  goess a long way i just swipe a little and blend all over. Starting from my favorite is

BARE which is a pretty nude with a pink grey undertone (i mixed this with mac film noir in my last video)WATCH HERE 

MAGIC: This is a dark brown with serious orange tone, great for any skin type, pair this with a really dark brown lip pencil and you’re  good to go.

RUSH: This purple lipstick is just a shade lighter than mac heroine and has a frost finish with blue undertone. For those who love bold and bright colours on their lips, this is for you.

HOTTIE: this orange lipstick is soo pigmented, i just use very little of it. The lipstick i got was melting and  not so smooth* i doubt thats how all of them are*. This orange gives warmth to darker skin tones and thats really great. 
The products are nice and there’s more to come from this brand. Check them out on instagram (l.o.g_cosmetics & l.o.g_cosmetics_ng).

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