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Beauty Review| Zaron Matte Lipsticks & Lipstains

Hello guyss im back! I know I’ve been away for too long, i had a lot going on x_x
A while back, i received a bag from Zaron Cosmetics that consists of 4 matte lipsticks and 4 matte lipstains from their new line and this post is basically a detailed review of them. 


Its black, handy and purse friendly with a clear base to easily identify the colour without opening the product.


They are all matte but not as dry hard as most matte lip products out there… although some are quite sticky and tend to crease, they are still awesome, pigmented and pocket friendly! As earlier mentioned, i have 8 lip products in all (4 lipsticks; butterscotch, sassy, traffic jam, boss lady 

  and 4 lipstains; pout, tyrant, chilli, posh

  ill start with THE LIPSTICKS 


This is a nude beige lipstick, matte and moisturising and it glides on smoothly       


This is a deep pink shade, easy to apply, does not crease and moisturising; i was too eager to use this shade. 


This is a brighter pink (lighter than sassy) its veryy opaque and does not crease for me.     


This is a dark purple, blackcurrant shade and its vampy, i find this not so easy to apply because it creases just a tad.  


 They come with a flat applicator and they glide on smoothly, i love the fact that they dont dry hard or cracky but my little problem is some of them are sticky (its not as easy to achieve a matte, moisturising and opaque formular that isnt sticky)

This is also a deep pink that pops, it does not crease and it just needs one application to get a very pigmented result.  

This is a bright orange colour that is quite flattering, the only problem is you have to go over it more than once for a desired pigment. Its actually a gorgeous colour, be the judge yourself.

As the name goes, this is pure RED. Its smooth, thick (one application does the magic) and does not crease. I love this! 

Lastly, posh is another vampy blackcurrant shade that is more opaque (compared to the lipstick) it also has a dark brown undertone and is very smooth and pigmented. 
  * E X T R A * 
I did an ombré lip with posh and pout  

The lipsticks retail for N2,500 each
and the lip stains retail for N2,750 each. You can purchase them in any Zaron outlet or visit their head office at 9 Alhaji Kanike Close off Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos.Feel free to comment on your fav and if you have any of the Zaron matte lipsticks or stains let me know how you feel about them. Dont forget to like, share and subscribe to my blog.

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