My cake baking; how far i’ve come with fondant.

I remember when i made up my mind to start baking, it was in 2012 i made cupcakes, i thought it was awesome(bae said they were and thats all that matters🙈)

After, i moved to big cakes and decorating it was a BIG hassle!!😪 after a while i decided to try out fondant icing thinking there will be hope there 🙆 LOL (top left image) was my very first ever fondant on a cake April 10, 2012 and i knew it was shit (i even ‘loool’d myself😔) after this i was discouraged and was scared to try more.

Later that year in august, i made the (bottom left) cake for my lil cousin’s birthday, she loved it and everyone did i thought i did a superb job lol (that bow had my heart major back then🎀😂) after this i just gave up on fondant completely i didn’t try it out anymore.

June 4, 2015 i had to decorate a cake and it had to be a nursing scrub in fondant 😫, God! I was scared and i was like “i cant do it” no “lets make it something else” and she told me “you will do the scrub cake, because i know you can do it” when she said that i just believed in myself (normally its like believe in what?? Right??? Ive not even practiced this thing sinceee and my last experience with it wasn’t good) i started and before i knew it i arrived at this (bottom right picture) 100% edible (no plastic, foam or cardboard substitute all hand crafted from fondant) and i didn’t watch tutorials or anything💃, i was amazed at what i did, i mean for an “amateur” like me to do this 😁😁 lets just say i received a whole lot of compliments.

Im proud of how far I’ve come in 3 years from being blank to where i am and NO i didn’t go to any ‘CAKE DECORATING SCHOOL’ whatsoever, i’m still a law student, i didn’t forfeit school to bake any of these, all of my practice and bakings are a product of my idle time, this is not one of those started from the bottom now we are here posts because im NOT there!!! But i really just appreciate how far ive come and those who believed in me when i made crap and those who still support me and bae who makes every cake i bake/decorate seem like a masterpiece😚😚. I know with God, time and more practice ill be a pro at this thing.

Thanks for reading it all, always follow your dreams and never give up. Dont forget to watch my new tutorial Here



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