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MY SKIN CARE REGIMEN PART 1 (Bedtime routine and my special home made facial)

 Hey beauties! Welcome back to my Blog. I recently decided to post my skin care regimen and due to how long it might be i decided to split it in two parts, the first part will be about my daily bedtime routine for my face and a special face mask i came up with using natural remedies found at home to make my face smooth, soft, and glowing. The second part if this post will be posted later and it will be about the major skin rules i live by and im addicted to that help A LOT.

I’ll start by talking about my skin (particularly my bareface)  this is a very critical post and will advice you all to read carefully 🙂 . A lot of people meet me to ask for tips on how to get rid of spots and how to get their face right with or without makeup.

Before i start, i would Lovee to say that i use makeup because i LOVE it and i find it interesting, fun, easy, creative and playing with makeup is a good way to while away time when you are strictly dieting apart from the fact that one can do wonders with makeup! Ive grown to love the look and feel of it, Obviously it makes you look better but I’m not using it to hide bumps or weird looking spots on my face! NO!

I use to be this kind of “i dont care about skin care” person, i just wasnt bothered but thank God when i realised myself, no damage was done. Over the years I’ve come to realise the effectiveness of always washing your face with a makeup remover before bed even before you take a shower because the shower gel might not deep cleanse like the makeup remover and you will be left with some makeup still on your face and eye area even though you most times wont see it.

My bedtime routine for my face.

 (From left to right- The body shop seaweed deep cleansing facial wash, the body shop vitaminC microdermabrasion facial scrub)

Once I’m done with the day, ill wash off every bit of makeup on my face using this makeup remover (image above) and warm water then ill splash cold water (warm water opens your pores making it easier to get the makeup in your pores out and the cold water tightens the pores back)
And ill tap on my face with a clean towel, some nights usually Mondays and Thursdays i exfoliate depending on how my skin feels and if i do the steam facials (we are adviced not to exfoliate more than twice a week and if i do my steam facials *which i dont do more than once a month* i dont exfoliate twice) i exfoliate using the body shop vitC microdermabrasion face scrub (image above)

after a minute i begin to feel my face getting dry, at this point ill use my favourite moisturiser (image below) to preserve the moisture all night long
Im loyal to this routine because its not too much or a ton of stuff to do.

 When it comes to body lotion im not so attached i just use any good body milk, lotion, cream, gel, butter that is highly moisturising and doesnt alter my natural skin tone. For now, i randomly use any of these moisturisers below.

 (left to right- the body shop wild argan oil body butter, nivea nourishing body milk, avon imari mystique moisturising body lotion)

… For bath soap i just stick with baby soap or these below, i really loveee the body shop argan oil shower gel, it lathers so well and it smells amazing.

 (left to right- avon imari mystique shower gel, the body shop wild argan oil shower gel, pears mint soap)

Special homemade facial

On special nights i do my steam facials and/or my oatmeal enriched facial i make all by myself :).

I have a post on steam facials and how its done with step by step pictures Here (open in a new tab) and dont get burned!!!

 As for my oatmeal facial, based on the benefits of some amazing natural remedies i came up with this facial mask ive tested and tried out for a week and it instanly makes my face feel sooo soft like a baby and it deep cleanses my face, in the long run it gives my dark skin this natural glow and tightens my skin reducing lines and loose skin, it reduces hyperpigmentation and leaves my face fresh, soft and very enriched with goodness

Each ingredient will be listed below as well as its true benefits to the skin

Note: this is not an everyday routine

1. The major ingredient which is oatmeal, this is your regular oats just blended smooth and its benefits are

• treats acne

•treats dry skin problems

•it brightens and improves natural skin tone and texture

• it treats chiken pox and poison ivy

• it serves as a natural cleanser and many more benefits

2. Turmeric powder (its what gave it the yellow hue)

• removes signs of agein and wrinkles

•treats acnes

•treats stretch marks and burns

•reduces facial hair

•treats cracked heels amd overall gives a flawless skin

3. Lime and honey: most of us know the wonderful benefits of these two, cleansing and softens the skin removing dark spots and many more benefits

4. Glycerine and aloe vera gel. Due to the tender and cleansing nature of glycerine, it is used to clean new baby’s mouth :’)

•glycerine is amazing it cures oily skin problems, it smoothens the hands and makes them soft

• it helps the skin glow and its moisturising 

And aloe vera gel is very good for removing dark spots and dead skin.

 all of these added together to form a smooth paste.

I apply evenly on my face and leave for 20 minutes then wash off, you will instantly feel the softness. 

Above all, a healthy diet, lotssss of fruits and waterrrr. This is how i randomly take care of my skin for now, any major update will be posted. Ill love if you all try the mask and if you react to any of the ingredients you can remove it but just always take care of your skin and remember, a good skin is a major key to flawless makeup application *wink*.

Feel free to ask any question or suggestion and if you try any of these and if it works for you, i would love to see your picture (mail me @ follow me on Instagram: lizofss, beautebyliz and watch out for the next post subscribe, like, share and comment.

Thanks for reading. 



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