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Mom Wipes Makeup off Bratz Dolls, changes their outfits (Complete make- under) and Wins Internet!!!

Another mom is proving that toy companies don’t have the last word on what sorts of dolls will find their way into the curious hands of our children.

Sonia Singh, from the island state of Tasmania in Australia, has endeared herself to parents and kids around the world by finding used Bratz fashion dolls and other dolls at second-hand shops and “upcycling” them in a “down- to- earth style” Singh uses nail polish remover and eucalyptus oil to clean the dolls’ faces and remove their thick lipstick, heavy eye shadows and — eek! — even their painted-on eyes. She replaces it all with more child-like, makeup-free features.

 The dolls’ high-fashion wardrobes are scrapped in favor of a simpler more decent look with charming, knit outfits crafted by Singh’s mother. 
 The result: fresh-faced dolls that look more at home on a tire swing than on the runways of Milan.
When she posted a few of her work on her tumblr, other moms started requesting for the dolls after their “make-under” and she currently has an Etsy shop. 

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that major doll makers should be running scared: Singh’s sweet little ladies don’t offer much in the way of competition because Singh relies exclusively on existing dolls for her creations and has said she has no plans to become a doll manufacturer.  Her dolls sold in seconds!

 Singh’s case proves that, pop culture beauty ideals notwithstanding, there is a significant demand for dolls that look more like your average playground-loving kid than your average Vogue cover girl. 

Watch how she transforms these dolls here 


What do you all think about the doll make- under? Let me know in the comment section below. 



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