Hey dolls, welcome back xx 

I was nominated for the Liebster award by Joycedaniels thank you dear. Click on the link to check out her new blog she has a lot in stock for you guys.


If you have been nominated for the liebster award and you choose to accept it,write a blog post about the liebster award in which you:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

  2. Display the award on your blog and/or displaying it using “widget” or a “gadget”.

  3. Answer 11 questions about yourself , which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

  4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.

  5. Nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the award , who have less than 300 followers.

  6. Create a new list of questions for the bloggers to answer.

  7. List these rules in your blog post.

  8. Then inform the people/blogs you have nominated and provide a link for them to you’d post so that they can learn about it.

To all of my nominees, please scroll down at the end of the post for the questions i have for you.
So here are my answers…

  1. What made you want to start blogging?

Ans: it all started a really long time, honestly I don’t know why but I probably have up to 4 inactive blogs I can’t remember the url or password, but this one right here that I stuck to was my problem of errors in purchased products. Previously when I want to buy makeup I just go ahead and buy and then some items come nd im really disappointed so I started checking online for reviews and it really helped me but sometimes you don’t get the review on a dark skin which could be slightly misleading so I started my own reviews to help people out there who need reviews and swatches before they purchase and to share my experience, so far it has really helped a lot and I don’t regret any step.

  1. Story behind your blog name

Ans: Hahaha this is quite difficult, okay when I was thinking of what to use i didn’t want to use my name&surname because I know in a few years time I would be changing that and it will be kind of dual identity thing or not but I decided to go for something really neutral that I formed and doesn’t have to interfere with some other company somwhere or any copyright or trademark infringement (with the name Elizabeth it’s hard to brand it because of its popularity). So that’s how sweet came to my mind and survet followed and I liked it and decided to go for it and as everyday passes I love it even more, one day it will mean more than a blog name to me •wink• 

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Ans: married, a barrister and arbitrator, with an LLB and masters the rest? God will take over… And as far as blogging oh myy ( j u s t • w a t c h• t h I s• s p a c e )  something great is about to happen so stick around (kisses)  

  1. Any guilty pleasures?

Ans: well none exactly I just come out straight, I embrace my pleasures.

  1. Physical books or ebooks?

Ans: ebooks all the way!!!

  1. What you like and dislike about blogging?

Ans: when it comes to blogging I love the whole idea of composing a post and putting your work out there, i love the fact that you can reach out to various needs and help people around the world(find solutions and generate ideas) just by typing on your bed, I love the benefits attached, the views and excitement when you see those different countries that read your stuff ^_^  meeting other bloggers and helping out …the list is endless. On the other hand what I don’t like about blogging? I haven’t seen yet! (Just started blogging months ago probably it’s something I’ll discover later)

  1. What is the first thing you notice about people?

Ans: I’m actually not the details at first sight kind of girl so I’ll go for the face generally how pretty and smooth the face is before I start picking out details like brows, liner, hair etc… 

  1. Favorite song

Ans: at the moment I don’t have a favorite song but my playlist contains conqueror by Jussie smollett and Estelle.

  1. Describe your style

Ans: casual,chic and daring 

  1. How do you plan to develop as a blogger/person? 

Ans: More time for my blog, meeting more bloggers and as a person stop procrastinating! 
11 random facts about me 

  1. Im a commitment freak

  2. I love my family more than life itself and that’s a fact.

  3. Agatha Ashi of Ironyofashi inspires me a lot and I love her she is such an amazing and pleasant person. She took out time and helped me MAJORLY on my blogging journey when I was still like on 2 or 3 posts. 

  4. Bae has my heart ❤️and thats a fact!

  5. Do you love Suya? (Emphasis on love) if you do, follow me on Instagram (Lizofss) and mention me, we R soul sisters! 

  6. I’m weirdly emotional, I cry to emotional movies alll the time (when I’m alone of course) even tho I know it’s all acting I don’t care!!! 

  7. I’m more of the ‘in my cocoon’ kind of person but bae knows I’m a talkative 

  8. I don’t like mean people and nice girls who suddenly want to become all bad and mean cos the think it’s in trend. Girl you need water! 

  9. I loveeeeee cooking, baking & decorating cake, everything makeup ❤️ and nails! 

  10. I deeply believe in that happily ever after with a baby and an awesome family and all milk and honey and no body I mean no body can make me think otherwise 💯

  11. I spend more time on the weird part of youtube feeding my starving curiosity ( unassisted birth of a child, removal of magworms from a persons head, listening to the black box recordings and investigation of crashed planes, plastic surgery operation videos and other weird sometimes scary stuff) don’t judge! 

My nominations are 





And every other blogger reading this please feel free and inform me when you do so I can check it out and comment xxx 

My questions… 

  1. What was your inspiration to blog 

  2. Your favorite colour?

  3. What’s that thing in your makeup bag you always use 

  4. If you were asked to pick just 2 essential things from your makeup kit what will they be?

  5. Describe your taste in 3 words 

  6. What blog inspires you?

  7. Drop a social link here (instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc) 

  8. Dinner with bae or skydiving with bae?

  9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

  10. What do you like and dislike about blogging?

  11. What are your favorite drugstore and highend makeup brands? 


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