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My BEAUTYKINK makeup HAUL (review and swatches)

 Hey dolls, welcome back! Today’s post is all about my recent haul from Beautykink.

I decided to post a review on my haul just because it contains Zaron cosmetics hyper blush range, the everly talked about elf mineral eyeshadow primer, a shade from the New L.A girl matte lipgloss collection as well as other good stuff. (Stick to the endxxx)  

The real Techniques® 

 Im sure most of you know the magic of real Techniques® brushes (how soft they are and their blending power) I have a few brushes from them but I decided to add a little more to my kit and I got myself the powder brush 

 which is a big Fluffy brush that is really amazing, not so dense but it does the work perfectly 

 Ive used this brush to blend my makeup and for finishing and it’s great Price: N3000. These brushes are fuller than they appear.

Blush brush 

 this lovely brush right here is also very fluffy and has a lovely style (oval) theres a way the bristles are cut that just makes blush fun to apply  

this really helps you control the intensity of blush, im in love with it. Price: N3000

Miracle beauty blender (complexion sponge) 

this sponge has a unique shape and as they say it’s 3in1 (the flat edge, the sides and the tip) and this sponge is really soft, smooth, easy to use and it blends perfectly (always had my eyes on it) 

 price: N2,800 

Note: throughout my experience with real Techniques® brushes, I’ve not experienced shedding.

Zaron hyper blush range 

Hmnnn where do I start from… Okay, I saw the review of these babies on Beautyinlagos  and I think there are 4 or 5 colours that were released, but for me, I fell in love with just 2 of them considering my complexion( a brown and an orange blush) I’ve always wanted an orange blush, it adds warmth to the face, the packaging is lovely transparent  

 with a mirror under and a blush brush.  

 So I got myself Mudfest 

   It’s a beautiful brown with red undertone super pigmented, matte and not chalky and they settle on the skin perfectly. Price: N1,800

…and Siren 

  its a concentrated orange super duper pigmented (these pictures are not in any way edited this is the actual COLOUR pay off and saturation, lighting is normal room light I purposely did not use flash for these) there is a brighter orange in the collection but I prefer this for my skin. 

Price: N1,700 (I don’t know why you get to pay more for Mudfest but trust me it’s worth that extra N100.

Nyx slim lip pencils 

I got myself Nyx lip pencil in deep purple  

and hot cocoa 


 They are bomb price: N1000 each. 

House of tara brow pencil in brown  


 I thought this was going to be lighter but it’s perfect for my skin price: N800

L.A girl pro HD concealer 

I got the New orange corrector shade that neutralizes dark tones or hyper-pigmentation on the skin 

…and warm honey which turned out lighter than I expected but I mix so that’s no problem  


Price: N1,200 each

Elf mineral eyeshadow primer  


 it’s lovely and worth the hype, it makes your mineral or shimmery shadow pop more and it realyyyy lasts longer like hourssss price: N1,500 

L.A girl MATTE flat finish pigment gloss  

this is a liquid lipstick that dries very matte and it was released this year and it’s one of 16. I didn’t want to risk my first try because most of the swatches look different from the colour chart L.A girl released so I got black currant  


 it’s deep purple with serious blue undertone and it deepens when dry (some say it’s similar to sleek’s duke matte paint) I love everything about it although would have loved it to have a popping berry flavour but oh well this mild one is just as good. I’m looking forward to more shades like red, black and navy blue. Price: Beautykink sells hers N1,600 but other sites I visited sell theirs for N2000 so this is a good deal. 

I also got Wet ‘n’ Wild Bare it all lipstick  

    amazing nude lippie •lovestruck•  (it’s more like a satin finish) price: N1,200 cheapest I’ve seen it so far it’s normally sold from N1,500 to 2000 I will definitely repurchase this and other colours

Nyx dewy finish spray  

I don’t want to say my struggle prior to this spray just to get a dewy finish (I love dewy not caked or powdery finish) because you all would probably just laugh but it was real and im glad I have this it leaves your face dewy but not oily and it’s amazing  price: N3000 (Ps, my struggle has something to do with moisturizer. It actually works (-____-) 

Finally at the end (lol) im loving allll my new products and Beautykink is the bomb (delivery was N2000 •it varies based on location• and it was delivered to me THE NEXT DAY ^___^) communication is on fleek too, one time I ordered for a product and I just called her to change it for me and it was changed. I also got a personal discount code (gift) for my next order •dancing• 

You all should place your orders now

Also I want to say a BIG thank you to my wonderful, beautiful sweethearts I have as readers, I remember in my last post I was thanking you all for 12,000 readers now I’m at 13,000 thank you xxx and have a lovely weekend

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