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Weight loss journey; low calorie intake.

Heyy dolls, Im sure you’re all doing fine. Today’s post is on fitness and wellbeing. 

This is a long post but helpful too. I recently decided to drop some pounds and I decided to share it so I won’t give up lol and won’t feel alone in this (at least if it’s documented I would keep up till the end) and also for those who wish to try this method out sometime later (if it’s a success)

In this post im going to show what I’m starting with and how far I’ve come.

Firstly I can’t start without stating the need of a bathroom scale, this is so important it keeps you in control of your weight and make sure you constantly weigh yourself but on this journey if you aren’t strong hearted I won’t advice you to check everyday.

These are the things Im going to be feeding on and any update, change or substitution I will post it. 

Skimmed milk: this is Dano skimmed milk, you could use any skimmed milk that is less than 1% fat (not the best taste but it’s good for the health *wink) 

Yeah so I heard black or green tea is good for increasing metabolism and rich in antioxidants and that’s really cool(we need to tackle those free radicals )  … and because I’m currently in starvation mode (this occurs when you drastically reduce your calorie intake, your body automatically goes into starvation mode which makes it more difficult to lose weight) so hopefully this plus some exercise will do.

Coffee, this is decaf but I need caffeinated coffee I heard it aids weight loss and out of personal experience it does suppress appetite and gives lot of energy so yeah caffeinated coffee.  

Oats for fibre to aid digestion and also to fill me up.  Pitted prunes to snack midnight or anytime. Yum*   Reduced fat peanut butter, note this shouldn’t be taken in excess, i use this to make a peanut butter banana smoothie with my Kenwood liquidizer and it tastes really great. 

For now this is what I’ve been taking, I started this journey on Wednesday 6th of May, 2015 Currently as I write this it’s been 5 days and I’ve lost 2kg so far(no exercise completely sedentary), I expected more but my body went to starvation mode real quick so im going to balance that hopefully this week.

Okay that’s it for my first weigh loss diary and I’ll keep you guys updated real quick the ups and downs of this journey 
*fingers crossed * I hope this works for me 

… I also heard of a military diet you can google about it it’s like 3 days of starvation and some days off. 
Thanks for reading xxx 
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