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Glitterrrrrrrr zipper face

 Hello loves, today’s post is special (^__^).

I’ve seen a lot of zipper face art both colourful, foil, glitter and gory and I thought it would be a fun thing to do and yessss it wasss (lovestruck) this is my first and I m loving everything about this look from the glitter to the lashes even the zipper and the neutral eye I have on (I used my 120 palette to achieve this neutral eye).  

I used Nyx nude pencil for my waterline which I prefer to the jumbo pencil in milk (this looks more fleshtone) to keep the glitter in place I used elf glitter primer as base.

   I have on eko lashes in Ariel.

This look is much more fun than it looks, I enjoyed every bit of it and to my surprise I wasn’t as messy with the glitter unlike the old me would have had glitter everywhere my forehead, hair, body etc…  

   I didn’t want to clean my face, like this should be my new face-_____- 

… Would do something gory next time, the review post I promised is coming up. If you have any questions to ask you can ask me here or my BBMChannel C004E7CC9 or instagram Lizofss also don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and have a wonderful day.

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More pictures (camera roll images)  



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