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L.A. Girl GLAZED lip paint (review & swatches)

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Today’s post is the swatches of 5 L.A.Girl GLAZED lip paints and they are; Hot mess, Pin up, Blushing, Daring & Tempt.

L-R ( hot mess, pin up, blushing, daring, tempt)
L-R ( hot mess, pin up, blushing, daring, tempt)

These lip paints are super pigmented a little will go a long way and they have a mint touch when you apply it. They smell fair enough (minty) as i would have preferred if they all had different unique fruity flavours. Because its super pigmented and glossy, i use mine moderately so i don’t end up looking weird, i love the fact that they are not too sticky. (ps, it is good for dry cold weather).IMG_0149 The shades above are all darkskin friendly (lol) unlike ‘coy’.

Hot messIMG_0152IMG_0155

This is a  vibrant coral shade and surprisingly its darkskin friendly too(at least for me) it isn’t too orange and it brings warmth to the skin( don’t forget to always apply moderately) it is one of my favs in the bunch and i never knew it would go with my darkness but oh well ^^IMG_0159

… also, the tube colour and product is exactly the same.

Pin upIMG_0160IMG_0164

This red i don’t really like it for my skin, its too bright.IMG_0165

The product shade is slightly different from the tube (emphasis on slightly). it smells the same as the others and same consistency and pigment. I’m serving a resting bitch face for this one-__-.


This is a mauve pink shade, love it but…IMG_0174

…the product is a bit more saturated compared to the tube colour and this is something a lightskined girl will rock better, but as for me i always use this with a darker lip pencil either all over my lips or to outline it just to darken the pop of pink.


Just wait, take a look at this…IMG_0176IMG_0178

…gosh i’m in lovee! i really love this purple, its like concentrated purple and its so cool. This is also a fav, the product is the same shade as the tube and the pigment is lovely. i recommend this!


The last  but definitely not the least is this gorgeous vampy shade.IMG_0180

… it is dark purple with strong deep red undertone and as seen in the first picture Blushing, Daring & Tempt form a gradient of saturation and this lovely shade is the darkest, when you apply a little, it shows more deep red tone and little goes a long way too.

That’s it for this post and i hope you will be purchasing yours soon? look out for a post of links where you can purchase yours (ill post that soon).

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