MY NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY; from healthy hair to transition and then BigChop 


Hello lovesss, I really apologise for the delay in posting, I’ve been really busy.

Today’s post is on my hair journey, my hair before, why I decided to transition and when I had my big chop. 

I’ll make sure I keep tabs on sharing my hair care and some routines that I feel would be helpful. If you have any question Pls drop in the comment section or ask me on Instagram 

A few years back I had very lovely beautiful relaxed hair very healthy full and thick( top left picture) I could literally do anything with it but over the years I wasn’t constant with protective styles so my hair became a mess (top right picture) like so uneven and scanty tips, split ends and I felt I needed to stay off chemicals. 

From September 2014 i stoped chemicals and heat and started using black soap to wash my hair and T-shirt to dry my hair, I used coconut oil and took care of my transitioning roots (You could tell the difference brown tips and black healthy natural roots).

Finally on the 5th of April 2015 I had my big chop I took out all the weak and damaged hair (bottom left picture) and now I’m in love with my TWA (bottom right picture) can’t wait to start JBCO challenge and grow out my healthy hair. 

For those who have weak damaged hair please start all over again and take very good care of your new hair. 

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Liz xx 


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