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Hello colourful ladiesss! This one’s for you ^_^
Okay I’ve literally heard a lot about this pigmented palette and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

I ordered for them and It was delayed but yeah it finally came ^_^ and I loveeee it even though one of them cracked in transit 😦 (not a good experience)


It’s so pigmented, 12 bold flashy matte colors ranging from vivid blues and neon yellows to brilliant reds and flirty pinks. What I loveee most abt this palette is that it’s magnetized and I can always refill and even purchase other eyeshadows and customize my palette ^^___^^ ( too reall!!!!) I’ve always wanted a magnetized palette.


The packaging is compact, and the Palette has a big crystal clear mirror that I love! This palette seems similar to the magaret ekpo but I haven’t gone about comparing them. This palette is a must have for makeup artists. It’s worth the hype!

I hope this post reviews this product properly has anyone else tried this palette? Please what do you think about this palette I want to hear from you!

I’ll be posting up some looks I’ll create with this coastal scents creative me #1 palette on my instagram follow me <<<—



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