Newspaper nail tutorial

Here’s the tutorial for my previous post (newspaper inspired nails)

What you’ll need
– Base colour ( off white or light grey)
– Newspaper ( the part that has less images and more notes)
– A bowl
– Water
– Scissors to cut newspaper
– Acetone/nail polish remover
– Top coat
– Cotton buds for cleanup

Watch tutorial here My instagram
1) paint on your base colour, let it dry completely ( I can’t over emphasize that)
2) cut the newspaper in squares and place in water (face the part you want printed on your nails down in water) and leave to soak well 2-3minutes
3) take out the newspaper and press down on your nails for about 20seconds press firmly then gently peel off newspaper (repeat process on all nails)
4) clean the ink print on the edges of your fingernails with cotton buds dipped in acetone/polish remover
5) finish off with a topcoat (matte or gloss) very simple!!!

That’s it with the tutorial, hope it’s helpful, Recreate this manicure and tag me on Instagram (lizofss) or Twitter (lizofss) xxx thanx for reading.

Laters x 



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