Hair care: Nutrafix™ hair reconstructor [eco chic technology]

IMG_8507.JPG Hello loverssssss its been a while since i dropped by, i sincerely apologise for that, I’ve just been
busy with mid semester exams and school stuff. Todays post is on a wonderful essential hair care product that helps revitalise your damaged hair. My hair is currently undergoing treatment and transition all in the aim to rejuvenate and bring back my hair length and change the texture permanently (i heard lots of products can eventually change your hair texture) to find out what this product is about keep on reading xxx

Brand Giovanni® eco chic hair care

What it does: this product deeply repairs critically damaged hair, it fixes damage caused by chemical processing (relaxing, colour treatment etc) and excessive heat styling (a friend of mine recently complained to me that her hair started breaking seriously after steaming) for vitality and shine
Giovanni® hair reconstructor
– Re-energises tired, damaged hair
– Encourages thickness and volume
– Fills in porous hair with rich proteins.

Packaging: it comes in a 6.8fl. Oz. 200ml tube.

Directions: Massage into wet hair, leave in for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Certified organic ^^ the elements of earth, wind, fire and water present (loool)


IMG_8504-3.JPG …it comes out like petroleum gelly , opaque and creamy but not greasy and it absorbs into the hair, it smells really nice. I got this in casabella for N2,350

IMG_8508.JPG …also i loveeeee my statement hair piece (comb) very much affordable and chic ^^


IMG_8512.JPG Hope this post helps you in your hair reconstruction journey, make sure you have a wonderful day. xxx

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