Review: Cream eyeliner by ELF {black}

Hellooooo guysssssssssssss! im back with this lovely product by e.l.f IMG_8500.JPG elf cream eyeliner is a lovely, really creamy, jet black liner that dries fast, long lasting
& also waterproof 😁. It comes with an angled brush for application and its in a very tiny convenient sized pot.

IMG_8501.JPG the brush is thick which means you cant use it for slim sleek lines, but you don’t have to use it, you can always use another brush (slimmer angled brush or an eyeliner brush) so thats not so much of a problem.

IMG_8502.JPG Due to the fact that it lasts long and creamy, you will use it for a long while (based on everyday personal use) i got it online for N1,350 you might see it more or less depending on the store but it shouldn’t be more than N1,500.

IMG_8503.JPG since i got this, i’ve been getting my sleek lines ^_^

IMG_7058.PNG I totally recommend this for winged-liner lovers. Like, comment, follow, share and make sure you all have a lovely week xx



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