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CREME OF NATURE® Perfect Edges

IMG_8497.JPG CREME OF NATURE with Argan Oil from Morocco PERFECT EDGES
What they said
Perfect hold, exotic shine and makes hair stronger.
Apply to edges and smooth with finger tips, small tooth brush or brush for desired look.

It comes in a container with Net wt 63.7g / 2.25oz.

Personal view
It smells like baby hair product which personally i think is a major plus, its golden yellow with a cream gel consistency (very smooth, not so sticky). They said its a ‘hair gel’ but not the typical type its a gel that doesn’t harden but styles perfectly (just like hair jam).


IMG_8498-0.JPG I love the container, flat and handy (something you can throw in your purse). I got this from Casabella for N2000 and ever since then I’ve not been the same with my edges.

Take a look at an example of what this lovely edge control does to my transitioning edges ( lol… Yes im transitioning, x__x my second attempt but now i think im ready) this product does me good.

IMG_8496.JPG A very good investment, product behind my lovely baby hairs ^_^. I love the fact that its not greasy.

Hope this post gives the importance of this edge control and also feel free to ask questions if there is any, follow this blog for more coming up. Have an amazing weekend with lovely edges… xx



2 thoughts on “CREME OF NATURE® Perfect Edges

  1. Thank you for this. I’m wondering. Do you think this will work on my natural hair? I’m done transitioning so I’m all nappy now.

    Also, I’m natural but have been feeling tempted to relax these past 2 weeks. I’m so close, I’ve even bought relaxer. You said you’re transitioning again. Does that mean you have been natural before then relaxed and wanting to go back to natural? If so, what happened? Please share your experience with me. I want to know if relaxing my hair is a good idea. Thank you Sweet Survet! I love your blog

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    1. Thank you sooo much for the love n support, YES this product will do good to your nappy hair… Don’t relax your hair just always condition it and protect it (either with braids or twist&lock styles) eventually you will get familiar with the routine and it wont bother u anymore. I have attempted this transition method before, i was half way through but along the line i relaxed it so im attempting again (i hope i make it through this time *fingers crossed*) i admire the fact that u made it through and wont want you to relax your hair, just protect and condition regularly you’ll be fine. Hope this helps you change ur mind. xxx


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