Dramatic & Inspired eye makeup

IMG_7848-5.PNG Heyy beauties

today’s post is on eye art, like i previously stated, i will be doing a number of inspired eye arts and just so you know (i didn’t learn it anywhere) its just free-styling so if it isn’t perfect, well its just what i was inspired to do, im not a makeup artist! (Yet) lol x___x but i just feel it will be fun sharing.
Okay, so i was inspired by two things while i was eating and watching something, i looked to my left and saw this lovely bottle of Vimto berry-blend drink and its a nice purple and pink kinda magenta coloured label on the bottle.

IMG_7786-0.JPG at first i had a glimpse of a cake themed this way but ignored the thought and then i saw this ankara

IMG_7787.JPG lol at this point i decided to do a look instead, an eye inspiration with this theme, due to the fact that i majored on the Vimto theme, i wasnt able to incorporate the yellow on the ankara (ill save that for another day.

IMG_7746-0.JPG deep purple eyeshadow, pink brown transition colour, crease cut: white cream liner, under eye: pink eye shadow and pink glitter.

IMG_7745.JPG bronzed up face for a more dramatic/festive look (ignore the lip colour tho x__x)

This look can be used for
Costume parties
Studio photo shoots etc

Don’t forget to follow for more inspiration looks coming up xxx
(Ps: pardon the image quality :* )


“I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it” Rev. 3:8


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