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Neutral eye shimmer featuring Zaron vampy lipstick (Distinct)

Hiya everyone

IMG_7578.PNG Today’s post is on a neutral eye makeup that isnt as neutral (not the regular matte brown neutral eye).
Its a shimmery beige bronze with a tiny touch of peach and This look can go with any type of lip colour from sweet to gothic or vampy.

IMG_7551.JPG There are some lip colours that are essential but not everyday lip type, like vampy lipsticks, black lipsticks, bold orange, neon and electric lipsticks (like candy yum yum cant just go with any eyeshadow), blues etc these colours can be really nice and situations can arise where one has to match a look and if you love using eyeshadows, here is a look you can rock that is different from the regular brown neutral eye

IMG_7574.PNGI made use of peach-bronze, bronze brown eyeshadow and for my brow bone highlight i used a beige peach colour.
For my face i applied a little bronzer and a tint of blush.

See HERE for brow step by step tutorial
For my brow bone i used a mixture of matte beige in my eyeshadow palette and a nude peach colour to highlight under my brow.

Step1: tiny amount of concealer to mute out any discolouration
Step2: eyeshadow base
Step3: transition colour (skin tone shade/ mac swiss chocolate)
Step4: first eyelid coat ( shimmery deep brown bronze eyeshadow)
Step5: second eyelid coat (shimmery nude peach eye dust, generously applied)
Step6: matte dark brown crease colour apply from outer corner to the middle (high point of your brow ) and blend
Step7: apply some of the nude peach eye dust in the inner tear duct corner of the eye and beginning of lower lid
Step8: apply black liner on your waterline and above lid (as close to the lash-line as possible), apply your lashes and finish off with mascara.


Step1: prime your face
Step2: apply foundation
Note: please ladies your foundation should be the exact shade as your chest and neck maybe just a tint brighter than your neck if at all (many people go about looking like china dolls, the face is on its own and the neck is so dark) and if you have oily skin apply a little powder to your neck nobody wants to see your oily black neck. Those who go about or take pictures that way i wonder if they don’t notice… Get your exact shade!!!
Step3: highlight & contour ( mildly)
Step4: apply bronzer on the apples of the cheek, on cheek bone and forehead (blend out well)
Step5: apply tint of blush
Step6: set your face with a setting spray (i recommend mac fix+, it has an oil base that will keep your face fresh and warmed up)

I went nude at first ( mac honelove)
Then for the selectives, i chose 2 lipsticks which are from zaron
Bright orange (mystic)
vampy ( distinct)

IMG_7572-6.PNG The little Zaron products i have tried out are actually really nice, i love their textures although i havent tried out the face powder, black liner (for smudges), eyeshadow (duration, pigmentation and creasing) but i know they are good with lip pencils (really creamy and come in lovely essential shades).

I personally love the distinct, it just stands out and the orange just made my eyes pop and i lovee that about it!





IMG_7563-0.JPGFor my hair, i tied a turban inspired black scarf

IMG_7603.JPG Thanxx for viewing, hope you all have a wonderful week xx

-liz xo


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