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Hola boosIMG_7362.JPG What they said!
OKAY® 100% pure Haitian Castor Oil has become very popular in today’s beauty market
for thousands of years due to its skin and hair benefits, people across the world have been using this miracle oil in many ways. OKAY® Brand Castor Oil seeds are harvested and grown to the highest quality. Following traditional methods, the seeds undergo a tedious extraction process in order to give you the thickest richest quality castor oil possible.

IMG_7372.JPG – For hair: This oil is used to promote natural thick hair growth of the head (if braids have destroyed your hairline or you have slow growth and its used a lot for natural hair) eyebrows and yes eyelashes (you can pour it in your mascara or an empty mascara container and apply the oil like mascara morning and night or any time everyday your lashes will surely fill out and grow longer) and as for your brows if it was done wrongly or its scanty you can grow it out faster using this product. Natural hair growth is clearly visible after 1 month of use.

  • For skin: This oil can help with
    ring worms,
    moles, warts,
    age spots,
    discoloured skin,
    athlete’s foot,
    foot callus and
    stretch marks
    It is amber in colour


    IMG_7371.JPG Been using it for a while now and its results for me are great. It is of high demand and that means stores easily run out of castor oil, i got this in a HealthPlus pharmacy for about N2,800. It has a mild roasted seed smell and its not too thick or too watery (just like normal oil), its very moisturising and it comes in a 4oz / 118ml soft plastic cylindrical bottle

    IMG_7362-0.JPG It has a nice cap that is a plus because most of these oils just come in ‘screw on’ lids. The best are those that have applicators.

    IMG_7364.JPG Has anyone else tried castor oil? If not you should! Y’all should have a wonderful week and remain sweet! Don’t forget to follow/ subscribe, like and comment.

I will make darkness light before them. Isaiah.42:16



4 thoughts on “HAITIAN CASTOR OIL

    1. I got mine in lagos, don’t really know about ph but you can check any healthplus or cosmetic (beauty and skin care) store around you. If you find Jamaican black castor oil its also really good. Thank youuu soo much i really appreciate it!!!


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