Hello gorgeous people, some days just go right for nude looks and this pencil AVON GLIMMERSTICKS LIP LINER IN SIMPLY SPICE D120 will do the trick just right!
Its been long since I’ve had this avon pencil alongside others (avon) but didn’t really open to test it out and the day i made use of it, i used it as a base for another lip product so i wasn’t able to appreciate its true colour until
today, i tested it and decided to do a review for those of you who want nude pencil options or those who already want to get it but are indecisive.
Its quite a while back and my Mom got them all for me so i don’t really know how much she got them each but im pretty sure it should be very affordable.

20140807-161508-58508652.jpg its a very slim retractable lip pencil and as usual the product inside is little so you might as well just buy 2

20140807-161652-58612085.jpg (lol thats not all the product tho)

20140807-161733-58653747.jpg its a nice nude shade with slight pink undertone ( cant really say if its much of pink or like pinkish brick undertone) due to the fact that i cant really describe where it lies, this is the swatch below compared to a few other nudes in its line (with and without flash).


20140807-163213-59533273.jpg just for better understanding
1= Mac’s Pink Plaid ( a nude pink lipstick) previously reviewed on this blog.
2= Avon glimmersticks lip liner in simply spice ( this post’s review)
3= Mac’s honey love ( a bright nude lipstick with mild pink undertone) previously reviewed on this blog
4= Mac’s Taupe lipstick, actually taupe (brown grey) with serious brown undertone and its a dark nude that pops just nice ^_^ (also reviewed on this blog) a nude for the mahogany and chocolate sisters.
Anyway, those are the swatches above (with and without flash) i hope you are able to compare and find out where it lies. Ill say its similar to taupe but its pink undertone (or so) makes it pop even more and able to stay on all skin tones.
Here is a caramel rocking it

20140807-164001-60001151.jpg this is how it looks realllllll nudee

I really love this lip pencil and will totally suggest to nude lovers and a tip for all, try nude lipsticks ( just find your tone) and rock on, they’re really cool. Some ppl ask me- how can someone find the perfect nude or the perfect pink for the skin tone and not look like Mrs potato head (dry)
Well, i will try to post something on that soon.
Ps: this can also be used as an everyday lip product for a natural everyday look. You can pair with gloss or not, but make sure you balm your lips well before applying the pencil as its REALLY matte an dry! (But it glides on nice too).
For those concerned, my model’s hair is all natural and fluffy A.F (im in loveee)


20140807-164704-60424928.jpg This is a braid-out and NO product was used (maybe little conditioner) 9months old since big chop.

Thank you all for viewing ^_^ feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or question and don’t forget to follow this blog for more interesting stuff coming up! xxx
Model: Ellen
Hand: my lovely hands x_x
Sorry i said i was going to answer the questions and post today, ill post it tomorrow. Thanks for the support
Remain blessed!!!



  1. These look so lovely! I love the strong pigment showing through under a flash too – deff would wear these on a night out! Emma x


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