Dupe Alert!!! Mac honeylove dupe.

hiya everyone
This post is on mac’s honelove dupe 😝
So recently i reviewed Zaron barefaced lipstick and stated that it was close to mac’s honey love but i never knew how close they were till i placed them beside each other.


They are similar and anyone who cant get honeylove, finds it out of stock or wants a cheaper nude… Well, here is zaron barefaced, its cheaper (N1500-N1,700) than honeylove (N3,800-N4,300)
The only fault ill say is in the smell of barefaced and also it creases more than honeylove (texture issues) but they are both matte or at least zaron is like a matte that isnt soo dry its a moisturising matte kind of lipstick.

Thanks for visiting, hope you have a lovely week… xxx
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2 thoughts on “Dupe Alert!!! Mac honeylove dupe.

  1. I use the honeylove lipstick and I love the kind of shape it gives my lips didn’t know it was similar to zaron. Will definately try it. You promised to post a tutorial for light make up am resuming next month and I have to start preparing. Please let me know when you’ll post it and pls make it soon. I have a very oily face please let the make up favour me . By the way I love love love your blog and your really beautiful. Please reply soon


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