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Hello gorgeous people!!!

Firstly i want to thank you all for supporting  my blog, you guys have been great. God bless you all💋

Okay guyyss… Everyone needs a little black dress in their wardrobe but to give it an edge, what about a ‘little black lace dress’ uhunn😊… Its vital to have At least one of those (even though i was forced to get one,lol) i see the importance.


As seen above (#1), kim rocks her little black lace dress in the day ( cutee rightt) with a pin up look which is the most people have on with a black dress. As you can see she doesn’t have any other colour on, yet still cute (less is more)

#2- Ciara also goes daytime with her dress, pinup look and neat updo which is really cute too

#3- Adrienne has it on at night and rocks it with smokey eyes and nude lips, black heeled sandals and cute gold bangles and fancy rings…

NOTE: all the three of them have their dresses up to the neckline so there is no need for a neckpiece whatsoever and also to be on a safer side, do not pair turtle neck with dangling earrings (studs look better)

One major thing i love about a little black ‘lace’ dress is the fact that it can be worn anytime and any occasion it just depends on how you accessorise it
If you want a pop of colour you can rock it with a neon bag


Or a neon shoe


You can get these neon shoes HERE (with free shipping to Nigeria)

I compiled accessories with a black lace dress in two looks…

imageTIP: its better when the dress is slightly above your knee

… You can wear it like this: one pop of colour as seen above (i’d personally rock it with just a colour so i wont look like a cartoon character 👎) and nice black suede pumps (texture switch)



… Daytime hanging out with friends or meeting with someone special, you can pull this look off with a brown bag, and keep it cool with normal gold necklace, gold statement studs (they should be the same e.g gold on gold/ silver on silver) not mixed and also to add that pop of colour you can go on with a coloured sandal.
And if you aren’t doing any other colour or are dressing less, you can rock it with a nude bag or beige bag, just something lighter then black sandals… and there you go😉.


Get your black lace dress and have fun with it… Don’t forget to scroll down and follow this blog, like and comment.




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