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How to depot NYX jumbo pencil

Heyy luvliesss!!!

Whatsup guys… So after i reviewed the NYX jumbo pencil in milk Review hereย  , i encountered the jumbo trouble and for those who are familiar with this pencil know that there is a major issue and that is how to sharpen the pencil, its a plastic casing and not wood and the milk primer itself is creamy and very soft… When i tried sharpening it at first with a jumbo pencil sharpener it literally wasted the pencil and then i switched to a razor which was worse and messed up the top of my pencil…

Real messed up pencil tip ๐Ÿ˜–
Real messed up pencil tip ๐Ÿ˜–

…so i decided to try out the depot process. And for this process you will need
– your pencil(s)
– scissors or plier
– hair blow dryer
– a tea cup
– small plastic container with lid

First you remove the white end of the pencil to reveal the product, you do this by twisting and pulling it off

You will then place your small plastic container inside the tea cup

When that is done, you will hold the pencil with the scissors directly above the small plastic container inside the tea cup balancing it well facing down

You then start up your blow dryer and direct it to the pencil, blow the pencil from side to side and on top and side to side again and. You will notice the content if the pencil will begin to melt out and glide out of the plastic pencil case (the pencil will at this point be too hot to hold and probably kinda soft)

When you are done, you will see that there is no more product inside the pencil case… And thats pretty much it. Finish up If you have more rounds to go and label them according to their colours (if different shades)

When you’re done, you let it cool and cover it and thats your portable jumbo pencil depot ๐Ÿ’‹


The heat or melting does not in any way affect the consistency and function if the jumbo pencil as it will still remain creamy and thick once it cools. This way you can apply it to your eye lid using your middle finger.

Hope this post was helpful and solves your pencil problem, please do not try this with the nyx lip pencils (they don’t have problems with sharpening anyway)… Don’t forget to follow this blog down below.



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