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HEALTHY MILK: skimmed or not?

Hola gorgeous people!!!

Its in our cereals, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, a warm glass to have with cookies on a cold day😁🍼🍪🍪, baking, making desserts, in making smoothies etc we love milk but stay away from it due to its fat content but hey.. Heres a way. Skimmed milk is here to give you a creamy taste with less fat (yaayy) im going to use the one im familiar with which is MARVEL original DRIED SKIMMED MILK ( known as the fat free milk/ low fat milk)


What is skimmed milk?
Skimmed milk (Uk & Canada) or skim milk (U.S.A, Australia and Canada) is made when all the cream (milk fat) is removed from whole milk… It contains less fat than the whole milk (obviously) that Nutritionists and Doctors recommend it for people who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Benefits: it contains vitamins and minerals and less fat consumption guaranteed with this product.

Packaging: Its in a 340grams cylindrical container made of carton, covered with a white flexible lid that fits into the carton.
The inside is lined with a silver paper to give the tin effect and preserve the freshness…


IMG_2090.JPG Expiry date is on the lid (container picture above🔝)

Product: Marvel original dried skimmed milk contains less than 1% fat, rich in calcium with vitamin A &D.
Contains per 57grams ( 1 pint when made up) 198 calories and 0.3 grams of fat (checked a regular tin of full cream milk and it had over 35 grams of fat). Its very inexpensive I got it for N850 i don’t know how it is sold elsewhere but i doubt it’ll pass N1000

IMG_2093.JPG It has a thin smell not as dense milky as full cream milk, its actually delicious😁 for something healthy and has a lovely consistency when made up.
It comes in dried chunks of different sizes, the chunks melt in your mouth to a very creamy consistency which vanishes after a few seconds

IMG_2088.JPG … For those who aren’t so much about weight loss, It is also used for making ice cream, yoghourt and in baking low fat snacks/desserts (along side shortening; preferably CRISCO) ( note moderation is key, you cant drink a whole gallon because it has less than 1% fat lol you’ll end up taking the same amount as full cream milk)

WARNING!!! Some of you may react to this, if you are lactose intolerant (hypolactasia) or are highly or in any way selective with dairy products i’ll advise you to consult your doctor or a professional nutritionist before taking any bold step.

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DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with MARVEL or in any way an advertiser. I bought the product and im not being paid to review it. ( this is my personal experience)


4 thoughts on “HEALTHY MILK: skimmed or not?

  1. my gramps has aunt got it for him saying its milk for diabetic people we argued it.i said its just fat dt was reduced nofyn else.wot do u think?


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