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Mini Haul Review

Hola gorgeous people!

After a long search for the jumbo pencil, i finally got it (praise God). So i got somethings with it that i want to review.

Urban decay, Nyx, zaron
Urban decay, Nyx, zaron

 A while back, i purchased some zaron products and i actually liked them so i decided to try out other shades and also wanted to re purchase the lip pencil in brick chick but it was out of stock 😕

Firstly, Urban Decay glide-on lip pencil (24/7) in envious. This lip pencil is adequately creamy, glides on really nice, perfect shade😍 and packaging too. Ps its long ( which is a plus).

Urban Decay
Urban Decay

This lip pencil is normally N3,200 but luckily for me, it was on sale so i got it for N2,900

Buy urban decay here   ( the link opens on this page so remember to return here or manually open in another tab)
Its purple shade makes it a lovely liner for a wide range  of lipsticks (nude, pink, purple,etc). I definitely suggest this to anyone .


NYX slim lip pencil, they come in various lovely shades, just got this to try it out and already i’ve placed another order for two other colours. They are smooth and soft and glide on perfectly. Its shorter than the urban decay pencil.


I got this for N1,000 and its worth it.

Buy NYX slim pencil here
It has a lovely red shade with mild pink undertones and great for lining orange lipsticks or under your bold red lipstick. It is also great for mild pink lipsticks

Plush red
Plush red

NYX jumbo pencil in milk

Those who have little or more interest in makeup will surely know this pencil, its popular in the makeup world (lol). Its quite scarce here tho.

This pencil is normally used as an eyeshadow base but can also be used for lining your waterline. (I also tried it out for ombré lips effect and it worked perfectly)


This pencil is normally sold each about N1,600-N1,700 but i got mine for N2000 (Glam O’ sphere was selling at that price) i wanted it so bad and realising how many times it went out of stock on me, i just had to get it,

Buy NYX jumbo pencil here      ( i think the pencil is out of stock on konga exactly my point) you can also get it HERE
Its super creamy and so white, it blends very well so its advisable to blend it out with a tapping motion (using your middle finger)

Straight glide- smudge
Straight glide- smudge

As an eyeshadow base, its perfect (some say if applied too much it will crease on u).

in this picture below, i applied my pink eyeshadow to my bare skin (on the left) and then used my nyx jumbo milk pencil as a base before applying my pink eyeshadow(on the right) and this is the difference, it makes the eyeshadow pop (ill say it brings out the ‘neon’ in the eyeshadow). This pencil is a must have for people who love eyeshadows, it comes in various colours like lemon green, black…

L-R (pink eyeshadow without jumbo pencil as base - pink eyeshadow with jumbo pencil as base)
L-R (pink eyeshadow without jumbo pencil as base – pink eyeshadow with jumbo pencil as base)

ZARON:  I recently purchased a shade (mystic) which i loved so i decided to try others.

The bare faced is a nude which is bright it close to mac’s honey love only they have different undertones. While the distinct is a blue-black lipstick with very serious purple undertone, its really gothic and when applied with nude pink, its divine. I love the shades but one MAJOR thing Zaron should work on is the waxy smell i HATE, after a while it goes but its pretty intense especially ‘bare faced’

Zaron lipsticks: bare faced & distinct
Zaron lipsticks: bare faced & distinct

I got them for N1,600 each (you can purchase on the link below) the bare faced can be gotten for mixing with other lipsticks and so on. Well i wont suggest these to anyone who is about luxury lipsticks but if you are looking to go cheaper, yes. If im to get another zaron shade it will be ‘Tulips’ which is like plum pink,

Buy Zaron lipsticks here
They are lovely shades though. Some say they are matte, buy i think they have this satin finish, maybe some shades are matte.


Thanks for viewing please follow this blog below and feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no affiliation with the products brand names or in any way an advertiser. I bought the product and im not being paid to review it. ( this is my personal experience)


6 thoughts on “Mini Haul Review

  1. Distinct alone doesn’t work for me. Looks too gothic and vampy. ..maybe because am very fair or something. . But when I mixed worked perfectly well. . And you right about the waxy smell. . I would love to see you get milani lipsticks on you next buy out. . They really nice and the smell is superb


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