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EASY COOKING: dodo gizzard (gizdo)/ beef dodo chops

Hello everyone, as promised i’m here with a ‘how to’ prepare an easy party chops post. This snack tastes so good and can be used as a snack when your friends are coming over, you’re seeing a movie with a friend ☺️, your part of the potluck servings or as any side dish. It can be done with either gizzard or just beef (gizzard is tastier).

To prepare this, you will need;


ripe plantain (dòdò).


Red pepper stew (basic stew preparation)

Red pepper (sliced)

tomatoes (sliced)

onions (ring slice or C shaped)

Green pepper (bell pepper / traffic light pepper as some call it)

Stock cube, preferably Maggi👌


first boil your gizzard/beef, spice with stock cube, some onions, curry powder and dried thyme (basic)

as the gizzard/beef is boiling dice the plantain ( amount depending on your serving size) and begin to deep fry it until golden brown.

get your gizzard/beef out as soon as its done then leave to cool, dice it and fry.

Boiled gizzard/beef
Boiled gizzard/beef
Chopped & fried beef/gizzard
Chopped & fried beef/gizzard
Chopped & fried plantain (dòdò)
Chopped & fried plantain (dòdò)

Get your pot under low heat, pour some oil (little), add 3/4 sliced onions and fry till golden, add sliced red pepper & tomato and add very little stew ( make sure to taste for salt) add the stock cube if needed, fry the stew under low heat then add the previously fried beef and plantain then stir to mix it all together ( it should just be little and not too much stew) add the green bell pepper slices last then put off the heat and cover ( let the heat cook the green pepper ).

after 1 minute, slightly open the pot to let steam out. Then you are ready to serve, garnish with the rest of the onions and more green bell pepper and tomatoes

Enjoy your easy snack, try it out!☺️

Garnished gizdodo / beefdodo chops
Garnished gizdo / beefdodo chops
Munch munch 😋😋🍌
Munch munch 😋😋🍌

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