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Lip Product Addict TAG

Whats up guys!

I came across this tag and thought of doing it 🙂  although I’m not the ‘amazing makeup kit’ girl but well i have my hands around a few things i loveee (its all about that)


EOS: I don’t use a lot of balms but this one is just lovely, since i got this I’ve never been the same lol. The size and shape makes it easy to carry around in your purse and its just an anytime every time balm, plus it serves as good base for my matte lipsticks.

eos balm in strawberry sorbet
eos balm in strawberry sorbet


Im not much of a red lipstick person but this one i love. MAC’s Ruby woo is like that shade a dark girl should have (just incase). With a perfect liner, you’ll do wonders with this piece. Also, i love mixing and blending shades so this lipstick does me good.

MAC ruby woo
MAC ruby woo


Ill say for my best luxury ill give it to MAC’s honeylove (a review is coming up soon). I don’t really have much to say about this lipstick probably its the lovely shade, the way it glides, its smooth texture or the way it makes my complexion look so good i have no idea but this is an asset. Plus it helps in my mixing too 😉

MAC honeylove
MAC honeylove

for my best drugstore, this would be wet’n’wild’s Nouveau pink. It has a lustre finish so you don’t need to apply gloss and its long lasting. It serves as a good pink lipstick base. A friend got this for me and ive loved it ever since (thank you love ^___^)

Wet'n'wild Nouveau pink
Wet’n’wild Nouveau pink


well this has to be honey love so far, i’m also thinking of pleasure bomb (riri hearts mac) collection but till i get it nothing beats my nude. A review of this lipstick will be up soon.


well for now i don’t have a name cos when i’m not pleased with a product i just throw it out  but for a while now i’ve not had any disappointing experience (i hope never to) and i also make do with whatever i have.


definitely a YES. You also have to get good shades that match/blend well with the lipstick shade you are going for.


any clear gloss will do, im also into nude gloss, pinky nudes too like this 24 karat gloss by zaron im soo loving it (it was out of stock when i placed my order but will still get it)

Zaron 24 karat gloss
Zaron 24 karat gloss


for this part if the TAG, ill give it to MAC’s taupe ( see the review here—>


Also don’t miss out on the next post—  Easy Cooking: how to prepare dodo gizzard / dodo beef  easy and delicious munchees for friends and. Family and does well for a side dish

Party munchees (special beef dodo) plantain and beef in peppered stew
Party munchees (special beef dodo) plantain and beef in peppered stew

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