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7-DAY plan

Hi! ^_^

Im going on this 7-day plan which is a plan i designed (haven’t given it a name yet) I’m waiting to see the results on me before i suggest to anyone.

So this plan is a one week diet plan which is designed for food lovers and those who have high appetite *guilty* (X_X). Im currently (as i write this post) on the third day of my plan and so far it has been good , its not designed for you to drastically reduce but to drop a few pounds that period and probably keep it off, reduce fatigue, stay healthy and tame your appetite and NO the basic plan doesn’t include working out (except you decide to take like 30-40 minutes walk daily) which would be great i might do that as well from the fourth day to the last day 😉

This plan also includes night time home made facial scrub, that will help to exfoliate your face leaving it new, supple and soft (trust me) ;). As soon as I’m through ill post:

The results
My experience
The plan/routine
The name
Restrictions (medical)
The commandment -> thou shall not cheat -__-
And also substitutes

Thanxx for viewing, a mini haul review is also coming up soon featuring a particular lash pair i lovee from red cherry and some elf products and my first set of Zaron products (came across a review and decided to try them out).

Have a lovely week xxx


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