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My KONGA review

My KONGA review

Many people have little issues with shopping online, its completely normal, had the same issues too till i tried out they have very good customer service and also the payment on delivery option really had me.

I was surfing the net when i came across their ad so i decided to explore and although i must say they need to expand and restock in so many places but the things they have are at reasonable prices and so i filled my cart, created an account and checked out. And obviously the ‘awaiting delivery’ period had me all like (o_o) , it took about 4/5 days (plus weekend) and woalaa!!! My order came. I payed the ups guy and checked my goods, although one product wasn’t as seen online but its the same product and i was satisfied (main point)

So i highly recommend the site and trust me you wont regret. Just placed an order now for my Milani baked blush. Ill review it once it gets here. 😉


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